New Week, New Goals

I cant believe that we are almost at the half year mark!! The year has flown by so fast and I cannot do anything but stop and think about how far I have come. If you are thinking to yourself...OMG where has the time went, I have not completed one goal, dont worry! You still have time but you need to make some changes starting NOW. I usually set up my goals at the end of every year to execute them the start of January, but it took many failures to get to that point. P.S. I am already planning for 2020. 

You need to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be. Where do you want to see your life before the end of 2019? Are there any changes you would like to make or any new goals you want to implement. It's time to dust off that vision board, pull it out and start looking at what you want to accomplish this year. It can be so hard to keep track of your goals when you have real life things happening in your life, I get it trust me! I lost my grandmother 3 months ago and she was one of my biggest supporters in my business! At one point I felt the urge to quit and I had to realize that my grandmother would want me to move forward and NOT give up! 

Sometimes we have to mustard up "The Push" we need because you might not always have someone there cheering you on or pushing you to accomplish those goals. I encourage everyone reading this to stop and go back over your goals for the year and if you need to revise or revamp then do so. No one should be living with nothing to strive towards! So take that time and add it to your self-care list to do something for the betterment of not only your life but mental sanity! 


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